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Get the best out of Enago Read

A smart research assistant that provides a connected workflow for researchers, and helps speed up exploration, organization, analysis, and comprehension of literature.

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Explore relevant research material faster and save more time for reading. Explore a wide range of papers, survey papers, relevant to your research topic in one click.
Generate a summary of key sections of a paper, avoiding information overload. Quickly decide which papers are relevant enough to add to the reading list by going through the summary of the papers.
Explore specific aspects of a paper, recap and recall the key points, and quickly comprehend the paper's unique approach. Key Insights makes the critical reading of a paper faster and easier.
Key Insights
Improve critical analysis of literature by collating your insights in a structured way in order to find gaps. Always retain the context of your analysis with a fully customizable critique template.

Organize your research efficiently and effortlessly.

Inline Attachments

Keep references attached to the sections of the papers where they are most relevant. No more “I don’t remember why I bookmarked this in the first place!”

Sort and Filter

Sort & Filter

Fine-tune your search literature list by year of publication, title name, last added, last accessed, authors, and tags.
Notes Checklist


Quickly take notes by highlighting text while reading your research paper. Use these notes to improve your literature analysis.
Split View

Split view

Use split view to compare your literature with critique template and speed up your critical reading and analysis.

Connect the dots as you read

Enago Read aligns reading, writing, and brainstorming activities with a researcher’s constant need to know more, using in-house advanced AI.

Select & explore

Select phrases or specific sections and explore more research papers related to the core aspects of your selections. Pin the useful ones for future references.


Share your resources and collaborate with ease

Structured note-taking and discussion

Enrich your research with structured review templates. Document and share ideas, questions, scope, methods, work-in-progress, etc. to bring clarity in your discussions.

Keep track of work done by your team
Share only what you want others to see
Enago Read Team plan enhances the research workflow and knowledge transfer needed in your lab or study groups.
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