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Smart workspace for research teams
Prevent intellectual silos for better project continuity and Intellectual Property management within your team.
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Team Management in Research Activity
Designed for the needs of research teams
But then...more people, more content, more clutter ... AND less privacy!
I want to access my team’s work at one place when needed, BUT without clutter.
Man with Problem
I get it ... BUT I like to research privately until I am ready to discuss.
Research Analysis

Common knowledge-space with private zones

One place for your team’s needs
Keep project related literature, drafts, files and bookmarks by your team at one place. Every collaborator has a clean view of private and shared files within the same project.
Discuss when relevant and ready
By default all the files are private in a project. Share and discuss relevant files with relevant collaborators.
That’s neat, but privacy = silos ...Tracing legacy ideas seems impossible
Man Checking Research Assistant Tools
It’s so hard to track and connect important work, especially when team is working on different tools, independently.
For Supervisors and Team Leads

Manage the IP of your projects with ease!

Keep track of work done by your team
  • As a supervisor you can see metadata of private files of your team.
  • Request full access of relevant papers and drafts for further development or knowledge transfer.
  • Don’t let years’ worth of ideas, information and discussions go waste with no way to recover them.
    Project continuity made easy...
    Back in 2011: Nancy and Tom wrapped up their research on Discourse Analysis.
    So many insights, information, discussions. Many brilliant half-baked ideas that can be worked upon further.
    Concerned about losing your contribution during collaboration?
    “I keep suggesting ways to improve the rigority of my collaborator’s proof. What if I am removed from the doc for some reason? I will lose all my contributions!”
    Man with Problem
    “What if the admin of our common project-folder deletes it accidentally? All my important work-in-progress are gone!!”

    Collaborate securely

    Unaltered access status
    Your own files and contributions on shared files are always accessible, even when files get deleted by collaborator or (in the worst case) you are removed from the project.
    Project structure unaffected
    Your project-view remains intact after leaving, getting revoked, or deletion of shared project and files. Continue your work by making a copy.

    Collaborate securely

    There’s no easy way to monitor and proactively add value to team’s efforts remotely!
    Problems while doing research
    “I am not able to stay tuned to how researchers in my team are evolving! Are they going in the wrong direction? ... are they proactively exploring? ... has anyone gone hibernating?”

    Monitor progress & keep your team on right track!

    Connect with work-in-progress
    Remotely discuss on papers, researchers’ reviews and drafts. Help each other with explanation and stay on the right track.
    Avoid hibernation
    Help your research mentees to get out of hibernation at the right time. Research Progress dashboard helps you decide to take a follow up.
    For Supervisors and Team Leads

    Monitor progress & keep your team on right track!

    Enago Read - A smart workspace for effective collaboration

  • Captures critical steps of research projects on a single platform.
  • Allows individuals to research efficiently and teams to collaborate effectively.
  • Supervisors can track progress, assist timely, ensure knowledge transfer and guard IP of lab.
  • Effective Collaboration in Research
    Team Work
    Dive into a new age of research collaboration
    Create project, invite your team and give your research workflow an edge.