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Why choose Copilot?

Ask anything about your paper

Get answers to all your questions in a few seconds

Summarize your paper

Get to know the bigger picture and summary before working into the details.

Quick response

Get answers to all your questions in few seconds

Only with Copilot

Pose queries about research paper's goals, outcomes, approach, method, concepts and everything in between.
Select any text in the paper and ask Copilot to explain it to help you get a deeper understanding.
Ask further questions regarding your query to satisfy your curiosities and get more clarity.
Ensure that you don't miss anything important by saving the responses as notes to refer in the future.

How it Works

Enter a new era of research with Copilot

Frequently asked questions

You can ask Copilot anything related to the literature you are reading. To make the best use of Copilot, we recommend being as specific as possible and asking within the context of the literature.

Enago Read Copilot's LLM uses diverse data and NLP to simplify technical terms using context-based explanations. It may use analogies and synonyms or provide a more general explanation, depending on the context.

Yes, you can ask questions in any language, you just need to mention the language you want the answer in, within the question itself.
For example: "What is the research goal? Please answer in Japanese."

If you have follow-up question(s) related to an answer provided by Copilot on a previous query, you can ask them to clarify all doubts and deep-dive into the topic.

Yes, absolutely! When you sign up, you automatically get a free Basic plan. With this plan, you will have a quota to ask Copilot 10 questions every 30 days. Unused questions will expire, and your quota will be reset every 30 days.

Copilot's questions quota resets every 30 days. Quota of unused questions will expire and will not be added to the next month's quota.

If you want to ask an unlimited number of questions, you can upgrade to any of our paid plans according to your requirement. You can check our plans here.